Heirloom Recipes

Lately we’ve been thinking about heirloom recipes. Like heirloom seeds, these are culinary creations passed down from generation to generation. But unlike the faded, smudged and splattered recipe cards you may have inherited over the years, we have created an online collection of a few such heirloom recipes, such as chicken and dumplings, tomato pie and strawberry cake.

View Our Collection of Heirloom Recipes

But we are just getting started, and we need your help. What are we missing? What recipes in your collection do you consider to be heirlooms? Are there any recipes that you’d add to this category, but you don’t have the recipe either? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. My family has a cake mix passed down my Grandma Crump, who passed away in 1891. She was also married to Dr. Richard Crump, for whom Crump,TN was named after. My aunt entered the recipe in the June Dairy Month Contest and won at the TN State Competition in the early 1960’s. Would you be interested in this recipe for the Heirloom Collection?


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