Summer in the south means an invasion of squash. I know my garden is overrun with it, and my friends, family and coworkers are just as squashed out as I am. As in, eating it at every meal.

But if you’re going to be eating a lot of something, it might as well be squash. Raw yellow summer squash has virtually no calories – a whole cup has just 18 calories and 1 fat calorie (though that doesn’t count the ranch dressing that I like to dip it in) – and it’s a great source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps promote healing in skin, bones and connective tissue. Cooking the squash doubles the calories, but 36 calories in a cup certainly is one of the healthier options you can enjoy.

Stuffed Squash recipe Fire-Grilled Vegetables recipeGrilled Vegetables with Basil Vinaigrette recipe Italian Squash Medley recipe

Diversifying your squash recipe repertoire also helps. Grilled squash – which can be paired with other summer veggies – is perfect on a warm summer evening, and even better topped with a basil vinaigrette. Got crookneck or pattypan (scallop) squash? Stuff it with a tasty mixture of bread crumbs, herbs and, of course, bacon in our Garden-Stuffed Yellow Squash recipe. Finally, this Italian Squash Medley utilizes other veggies as a microwave-friendly supper side dish that means you don’t even have to turn on the oven. Perfect meal for this heat wave!

What are your favorite squash recipes?

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