Environment and Conservation

Wood pellets and switchgrass cubes take the stage among coal replacement options.


Plant Protection division works to reduce invasive species damage in Alabama.


The far-reaching effects of weather challenges Alabama row crops.


Alabama cattle farmers are moving safety and sustainability to the top of the list.


Pesticide Management works to safeguard Alabama crops.


The Alabama Cooperative Extension is conducting research to help Alabama farmers in the Gulf Coast deal with prominent issues.


State universities providing research on benefits of expanding irrigation efforts in Alabama.


The Alabama forestry industry continues to be fruitful for the state, providing significant profits.


Alabama’s poultry growers are getting a welcome and helpful hand from the National Poultry Technology Center, located right in their home state.


Precision agriculture includes GPS guidance, variable rate application and automatic section control, which allows farmers to plant, spray and harvest with greater accuracy.


Alabama’s first generation soil survey determines the best places in the state to build a road, grow a particular crop, or construct a building.


From gas pumps to grocery stores, consumers rely on the weights and measures division of the department of agriculture.

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