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Do you have questions for farmers about the food that you eat? Looking for cooking and baking substitutes? Find answers to your food, farm and cooking questions.

Picking apples at an orchard

Get to the core of apples as ingredients with answers about selecting, storing and cooking with apples, and which apple varieties work best for certain recipes.

Indiana produce

After carving the perfect Jack-o-Lantern, save your pumpkin seeds to plant next year.

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Wondering what’s in season at your local Farmers Market? Take a look to find out what’s fresh for the spring.


Fresh mint is available all year long, and grows abundantly in the warm summer months. Learn more about mint’s health benefits and different varieties.

Food Feature

Is the Sweet Potato Casserole your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? Take a look at some fascinating facts about sweet potatoes.


Beef cattle production is one of the strongest agricultural industries within the United States and throughout the world. See some interesting facts for National Beef Month in May.

Travel IN: Farm to Fork Tour in Noble County

As we approach the first of May with great anticipation for fresh strawberries, here are a few fun facts about the popular fruit.

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Have you heard of aquaculture? Do you know what it is? Aquaculture, sometimes called fish farming, refers to breeding and harvesting plants and animals in all types of water, including oceans, ponds, rivers and lakes.

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There’s more to pecans than their tasty flavor and crunch. April is National Pecan Month and we’re kicking off the holiday with interesting facts about pecans.

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Contrary to popular belief, peanuts are not a member of the nut family and don’t grow on trees, like pecans or other nuts. They are actually a legume, related to beans and peas.

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There are so many great reasons to support your local farmers markets. See 10 reasons why you should visit.

Dairy Industry is a Family Affair

Take a look at 13 fascinating dairy facts about your favorite products including milk, cheese and ice cream.

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