Meet a Farmer


Discover what farmers do and who farmers are. See farmers’ views on some real, current agriculture issues and questions they face every day.

Publix brand mushroom farmers

While shopping in my neighborhood Publix, I noticed something unique below the Publix brand mushrooms: a photo and story about the mushroom farmers.

Today the average farmer feeds 155 people.

To keep up with projected population growth, more food will have to be produced in the next 50 years as the past 10,000 years combined. Find out more about the efforts of today’s United States farmers.

Dougherty Farm Fresh Beef in Indiana

Abby Dougherty explains why her cattle raised for beef are both grass-fed and grain-fed – and the importance of healthy diets and good care for her animals.

Bell Perch in Albany

The environment and sustainability are top priorities for Bell Aquaculture, a yellow perch fish farm.

Funks Grove Maple Sirup in Illinois

As operators of Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup Farm in Shirley, Illinois, Mike and Debby Funk bring syrup from the tree to your table.

Make sure black spots are not bees flying.

The beekeepers at this honey farm talk about how far their bees travel, how honey is produced and the health benefits of honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

Red Gold Tomatoes in Windfall

You may not think of a popular brand such as Red Gold being local, but Red Gold tomatoes are grown by Midwestern farmers, and the company remains family-owned.

Farmer Shawn Duren from Tennessee

In a business suit and tie, Shawn Duren may not be what most people picture as a farmer. Duren, a farmer-turned-banker, discusses how important it is for young people of his generation to stay connected with farming.

Lieb Bison Farm in Illinois

A corn and soybean farmer has added grass-fed bison meat to his farm, which pleases both locavores and those looking for healthy meat options.

Beef cattle farmer John Mitchell

Beef farmer John Mitchell discusses how he cares for his animals, why he decided to turn to city farmers markets and what life is like for today’s farmer.

Tennessee farmer Catherine Via

Meet a fourth-generation farmer who practices no-till farming on her 1,300-acre cotton, soybean, grain and hay farm with a cow/calf operation.

Tennessee farmer Margie Hunter

Margie Hunter’s job as a food and dairy inspector is to ensure that food consumers purchase is safe. As a farmer, her job is to do the same – ensure safety.

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