Visit the Farm


Plan your visit to a farm and get a first-hand look at local produce and how it is grown. These agritourism destinations let visitors explore the life of a farmer.

Corn Mazes Use Technology to Amaze and Educate Visitors

Corn mazes use new technologies to build intricate designs and promote agritourism and education.

Downtown Clayton Farmers Market

Do you know what a CSA is? Learn more about these programs that offer fresh, seasonal produce every week.

Kelsay Farms

Have you ever heard of agritourism? What exactly does it mean? Find out more about agritourism around the country.

Farmers Market

Try one of these helpful mobile apps next time you’re looking for local food.

Duck Dynasty Corn Maze

Corn maze designs are often agricultural, educational or seasonal, but for some reason I’m drawn to the labyrinth themes featuring pop culture.

Blackberries Season

Blackberries ripen in June through August, depending upon where you are located.

Backyard Chickens

Small companies are popping up across the U.S. that allows people to rent backyard chickens before buying.

How to pick blueberries

Heading to a you-pick blueberry farm this summer? Learn how to pick blueberries, as well as some recipe ideas.

Child picks strawberries at a farm

Pick-your-own strawberry farm benefits from plasticulture as well as the locavore movement.

United States agriculture cotton

Find out how many shirts, $100 bills and other items that one bale of cotton can produce, along with other cotton fun facts and stats.

Pumpkin Patch

Visit a pumpkin patch to learn why farmers diversify from traditional crops to agritourism attractions with pumpkins, fall decor and much more.

Graeters Ice Cream Black Raspberry Chip

Forget fireworks and grilling, July is National Ice Cream Month. Here’s the scoop on some delicious festivals around the country.

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