Visit the Farm


Plan your visit to a farm and get a first-hand look at local produce and how it is grown. These agritourism destinations let visitors explore the life of a farmer.

Cheese Platter

Sure, June is National Dairy Month, but what would a dairy month be without cheese?

Indiana Ice Cream

Indiana, the second largest ice cream production state in the nation, is home to a spectrum of ice cream production from local on farm natural flavors to traditional comfort flavors on the grocery store shelves.

Make sure black spots are not bees flying.

The beekeepers at this honey farm talk about how far their bees travel, how honey is produced and the health benefits of honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

Apples from an orchard

Apples ripen in late summer and well into fall, depending upon the variety. But did you know that new varieties of apples can be created by accident?

Eckert's Country Store and Orchards in Illinois

The sixth and seventh generations run Eckert’s Country Store and Farms in Belleville, the largest you-pick apple and peach orchard in the nation.

Farm to Table

A dairy farming family finds a way to stay in business by moving from milk production to Jersey cheese.

Hatcher Dairy in Franklin TN

A family farm finds a way to keep its dairying dreams alive – by selling milk directly to consumers, jumping on the local trend to protect its farmland from developers.

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