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Find fun food facts and current agriculture statistics, and discover what farmers do and the agriculture issues they face every day.

shelf life of food infographic

Is that yogurt past its expiration date? Don’t pitch it just yet. See recommended storage times for common grocery items.

Mel Maxwell feeds beef cattle in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Is grass-fed beef, which is often more expensive than its grain-fed counterpart, worth the extra few bucks? Is it really more healthy or humane?

Sauteed Kale and Garlic

Celebrate April National Garlic Month and National Garlic Day on April 19 with interesting facts and recipes featuring the ingredient.

2012 Food and Health Survey

Take a look at the informative 2012 Food & Health Survey infographic profiling American’s healthy living habits.


Have you ever heard of hominy? Check out some tasty recipes from our blogger friends using this unusual ingredient.

Farmers and Ranchers FoodSource Tool

The USFRA unveiled an online tool to bring accurate information on how food is grown and raised to consumers.

Maine Potatoes

Here’s a look at some interesting facts about the potato, including nutritional and numbers, such as how many are grown to become frozen french fries.

Gazpacho Recipe

Think you need to marinade meat to make it tender? Ever wonder why you have to bake with room-temperature eggs? A recent article addresses these common food myths and more.

Pear Farm Facts

Did you know that every U.S. pear is picked by hand? Learn more interesting facts about the sweet fall fruit.

Lesser Known Steak Cuts are Best for Saving Money

To save money on high-priced steaks this summer, try lesser-know, less-expensive cuts that are equally delicious on the grill.

Apple Facts

Here are 10 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the quintessential American fruit. How do you like them apples?

Study Finds Tomatoes' Color May Diminish Flavor

In a recent New York Times article, researchers discovered that a gene mutation that makes tomatoes uniformly bright red may also deactivate genes that contribute to taste.