In the Garden


Looking for home gardening tips? Find container gardening tricks, ideas for companion gardening, a guide for when to plant your vegetables and fruits and more helpful hints for your home-grown herbs, flowers and produce.

Indiana produce

After carving the perfect Jack-o-Lantern, save your pumpkin seeds to plant next year.

Tornado Story

Check out 8 water-conserving tips to keep your garden and budget happy this summer.

growing asparagus

If you’re growing asparagus in your garden, you’ll have to wait three years for your first crop. But once planted, you can expect 20 or 30 years of asparagus production.

Tips for harvesting tomatoes

Learn quick tips from P. Allen Smith for harvesting summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Herb garden with thyme, basil, oregano

Read our tips for planting herbs, and share your herb gardening experience.

Broccoli grows in a raised bed garden

Learn what vegetables can be planted early in the season.

how to blanch and freeze squash

Learn how to blanch and freeze squash and zucchini in six easy steps.

Eating raw radishes and other fresh vegetables is great for your health.

Reasons to eat fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden or local farm include phytochemicals, increased energy and reduced weight gain.

shade gardens explained

Plant tags show a darkened circle or half circle to represent shade, but what’s the difference between light shade, partial shade, full shade and deep shade?

USDA gardening zone map

If you haven’t heard, one of the biggest items in gardening news lately is the unveiling of the new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

Onions have shallow roots

Our gardening expert identifies plants with shallow, medium and deep roots to help with interplanting flowers, fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Interplanting tomatoes and marigold flowers

Interplanting flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits creates some benefits that enhance the overall success of my garden. Here are reasons to interplant your garden.

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