In the Garden


Looking for home gardening tips? Find container gardening tricks, ideas for companion gardening, a guide for when to plant your vegetables and fruits and more helpful hints for your home-grown herbs, flowers and produce.

Herb container garden with lavender

To enjoy fresh herbs year-round, consider indoor herb gardening.

Container flower garden plants

When your only gardening space is a deck or patio, container plants are a great option. Use thrillers, fillers and spillers to create an eye-catching container.

An urban backyard garden with raised beds growing vegetables

Try building a raised-bed garden, which is simply a garden built on top of your native soil.

Going Green in your Garden

Tips for growing an eco-friendly garden, including natural pest control, using rain barrels and composting.

Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening is organic, earth-friendly and most importantly, incredibly easy.

Growing sweet potatoes

Learn how to sprout a sweet potato in your home garden.

Heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market

In recent years, heirloom tomato varieties have become quite popular among gardeners and tomato lovers alike.

How to compost

Use what’s in your yard to create your own compost. You need the following elements: nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and water.

Lemon Balm plant

Lemon balm isn’t common amongst backyard herb gardens, but it’s easy to grow and results in several great recipes.

Peppers grow in a vegetable garden

Plant heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables for seed preservation – and because heritage varieties simply taste better.

Kids in the garden

Turn children loose in the garden – you’ll be amazed at the results.

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