Top Crops


Find interesting food facts and agriculture statistics on some of the U.S.’s leading crops.

Cherry and grape and plum tomatoes

Do you know the difference between these three types of small tomatoes – cherry, plum and grape?

Watermelon grows on vine

Harvested between July and Labor Day, the watermelon is the most consumed melon in the United States. Here are some fun facts about this juicy fruit.

Corn harvest in Illinois - September

Corn covers more American farmland than any other crop, yet you’ll need to find a backyard garden for some corn on the cob.


Learn fun facts and farmer statistics about corn, such as the size of a bushel of corn.

Corn Field

Follow the corn crop through the year from planting in spring to harvesting in fall and its uses beyond.

How maple syrup is made

It’s sweet, sticky and delicious on warm pancakes or waffles, but there’s a lot more to maple syrup than meets the eye – or taste buds.

Red Gold Tomatoes in Windfall

You may not think of a popular brand such as Red Gold being local, but Red Gold tomatoes are grown by Midwestern farmers, and the company remains family-owned.

Montana Wheat

Wheat has long been one of the most important crops in the world, with millions of acres devoted to wheat production.

winter wheat

Planted in fall, winter wheat is ready to be harvested in late spring. Read on for more fun facts about this crop.

Pumpkin Grower Seeds

Learn how to grow giant pumpkins from the master.

Farmers Markets - tomatoes

Nothing says summer like a bright red juicy tomato. Several states battle it out over this juicy red fruit, each claiming they grow the tastiest tomatoes.

Mushroom Farming

Dark, dank and moldy? Sounds perfect for mushroom farming.