Nebraska Top Ag Products [INFOGRAPHICS]

1. Cattle and calves – With a total of 6.15 million head, Nebraska raises 7 percent of the nation’s cattle. Beef cattle can be found in every county in the state. The sector earned $10.6 billion in cash receipts in 2013.

2. Corn – The 2013 harvest of 1.62 billion bushels of corn was enough to sweeten 648 billion cans of soda. Nebraska generally ranks third in the nation in corn production and earned $7.21 billion in cash receipts in 2013.

3. Soybeans – Soybeans produced in Nebraska can be used in the production of ink, car seats, crayons and more. Nebraska farmers harvested 4.76 million acres of soybeans in 2013 and generated $3.08 billion in cash receipts.

4. Hogs – The ham sandwich is the most popular lunch sandwich in the United States, so it is no surprise that Nebraska’s pork sector earned a robust $853 million in cash receipts in 2013.

5. Wheat – Farmers harvested 39.9 million bushels of wheat in 2013. This is enough to make 1.67 billion loaves of white bread. The state’s wheat sector earned $273 million in cash receipts in 2013.

6. Milk & dairy products – A total of 53,000 head of dairy cows produced 135 million gallons of milk worth $243 million in cash receipts in 2013. Nebraska is home to approximately 200 dairy farms.

7. Hay – Alfalfa and grass hay are produced in every county in the state to supplement the diets of livestock, especially in winter. Farmers harvested 2.5 million acres of hay in 2013.

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8. Chicken eggs – Nebraska is home to 9.3 million chickens that lay about 2.8 billion eggs annually. That is enough eggs to make omelets for 933,333 people. This commodity generated $196 million in cash receipts in 2013.

9. Dry edible beans – In 2013, the dry edible bean sector brought in about $128 million in cash receipts. Varieties grown in Nebraska include Great Northern, pinto, black, light red kidney, navy, pink and garbanzo.

10 . Sugar beets – In Nebraska, sugar beets are generally planted in April and harvested in October, then processed into granulated sugar, powered sugar and brown sugar. Sugar beet producers generated $106 million in cash receipts in 2013.


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