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New Mexico Agriculture

New Mexico Agriculture

New Mexico Agriculture

Agriculture is deeply rooted in New Mexico. The Mogollon people grew corn, squash and beans in the state about 2,500 years ago, while Native Americans, Spanish explorers and Anglo pioneers brought unique agricultural commodities still present today. Home to 23,800 farms and 43.9 million acres of farmland, New Mexico’s top commodities include beef cattle and calves, pecans, hay, sheep, onions, chiles, greenhouses and nursery products, cotton, and corn. New Mexico consistently ranks as one of the top three pecan-producing states, and it has some of the largest dairy herds in the nation.

The Land of Enchantment has a typical desert climate with lots of sun, wide temperature ranges and plentiful wind. Most farms are irrigated due to the dry climate. A diverse growing season ranges from 60 days in the north to 110 days in the Rio Grande. New Mexico is geographically diverse and divided into four geographic regions. It also houses seven life zones, each featuring animals and plants that grow and live in certain temperatures and elevations.

Native American Farming Integral to New Mexico Agriculture

Native American farming is a boon to New Mexico agriculture.

Female Farmers Bring Grit, Grace to New Mexico Agriculture

Women bring fresh perspectives, strong work ethic to ag industry.

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Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Service), USDA

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