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  1. Katherine Denning says:

    I’m really looking forward to receiving this farm flavor newsletter. I grew up on a farm in Middle Tennessee; and still use many of the old recipes I learned back then!

  2. Shannon Randolph says:

    Is there any way we can still get recipes from November? I wasn’t able to connect with this page then. Thank you.

    • Blair Thomas says:


      We haven’t started sending a monthly newsletter from Farm Flavor yet, so you didn’t miss anything in November. This is something we are currently developing, and you can look forward to it early next year. For seasonal recipes, check out our Christmas and Winter recipe collections. We also have great Thanksgiving recipes if you’re looking for something to do with that leftover turkey.

      Thanks for checking out the site, and we’ll let you know when you can expect our first e-newsletter!

      Blair Thomas

  3. Tammy says:

    I’m looking forward to the newsletter.

  4. shauna says:

    too much info “required” – birthday???? best when these are email only / or first name and email – quick and easy sign up. I understand in this you also need location – just ask for zip code. You would get lots more sign ups.

  5. Pam Elkin says:

    can’t wait to start getting this newsletter!! Great recipes and info!! Thank you, Pam

  6. Carmen Langton-Anson says:

    I have made the strawberry cake many time and get raves every time it is served. The best strawberry cake ever!!!

  7. Paul Barbee says:

    I would like to know how to subscribe to ALABAMA AGRICULTURE MAGAZINE.

    • Jessy Yancey says:

      Hi Paul,

      Alabama Agriculture is an annual magazine published in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Agriculture. The 2012 issue launched in March, but we don’t offer subscription services as it only comes out once a year. However, we’d be happy to send you a copy if you provide us with your address – just send us an email at farmflavor(at)jnlcom(dot)com. Alternately, you can view the digital magazine online here:

      Jessy Yancey
      content director, Alabama Agriculture

  8. elias says:

    Always looking for recipes.

  9. Joann says:

    Looking fwd to it!

  10. nealia says:

    Looking forward to this newsletter

  11. carl wayne hardeman says:

    Looking for my roots too.

  12. annie says:

    looking forward to the newsletter

  13. Norene Allinotte says:

    I live in Canada and not a State..Send me recipes if you can

    • Jessy Yancey says:

      Hi Norene,

      Thanks for pointing that out to us! That section is no longer a requirement, or you can select the first blank state field in the drop down.

      Jessy Yancey
      editor, Farm Flavor

  14. Charlene Roberts says:

    I will be happy to join. Anything Kim is involved in I support because I know it will be the best!!!

  15. ELAINE CLARK says:

    always looking for something new to fix. thanks

  16. rebecca bowman says:

    I love new recipes. I try new things and give my food away to friends.

  17. Vondie Hawkins says:

    Can’t wait to get recipes, my husbands belly will sure be happy!!!

  18. Pauline V Kinkelaar says:

    Looking forward to receiving the newsletter.

  19. Ashley says:

    I look forward to receiving the weekly newsletter. :)

  20. Terese Goodson says:

    Greetings fellow gardeners,

    Mark your calendars for the next meeting of the Montgomery Area Daylily Society on Saturday, April 12, at 12:00 p.m., at Memorial Presbyterian Church.
    The church is located south of I-85, between Monticello Dr. and Vaughn Rd.

    The April meeting guest speaker will be prominent daylily hybridizer Tommy Maddox of Biloxi, MS. You can view some of his daylilies at
    Join us to hear Tommy talk about his recently AHS introduced ‘eye candy’ plants as he shares his techniques and tips for growing big, beautiful plants. He will also bring his plants to be auctioned off after his presentation (see attached flyer).

    For club information, contact Terese Goodson, President, MADS
    334-288-6024 Email: [email protected]
    MADS website:
    MADS will start with a luncheon , then Mr. Maddox’s slide show, an auction followed by a business meeting. Please bring a covered dish to this free event.

    April 12, 2014 – Memorial Presbyterian Church
    2130 Bell Rd., Montgomery, AL – Time: 12:00 noon

    (Sponsored by the Montgomery Area Daylily Society – Region 14 of the American Hemerocallis Society)
    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!
    Marie Updike, V.P. of MADS

  21. Sandy Doutaz says:


    I am looking forward to receiving some information from you.


  22. DebbieBowen says:

    Can’t wait to start receiving my newsletter and recipes.

  23. Carolyn Francis says:

    i love your recipes.

  24. patricia Nunez says:

    Picked up your magazine of Go Texan at the rodeo in Austin. Great magazine. Love it. Country girl moved to the city – still country at heart.

  25. Robert Nanney says:

    Would be nice to have the name of recipe beside the date off the newss letters above.

  26. mary fowler says:

    looking forward to the news letter

  27. Virginia Laux says:

    I didn’t intend to sign up for second newsletter. I already receive newsletter and love getting it. I thought I was signing up for recipe of the week. I would like to subscribe to your magazine. It contains so many interesting articles and places to visit.

  28. Donna Baer says:

    I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR THE Newsletter multiple times, but have never received one. I decided to try again, but, the website tells me I don’t have a valid e-mail address, go figure!

  29. Ray Forsyth says:

    I would enjoy this newsletter

  30. Sheila Jares says:


  31. Lela M Jares says:

    Love sharing recipes

  32. Frankie Scott says:

    Anxious to get your recipes.

  33. Frankie Scott says:

    Looking forward to receiving your recipes.

  34. Frankie Scott says:

    Looking forward to receiving the newsletter.

  35. arleen says:

    I just found your website and I can not wait to see all that you have on it.

  36. arleen says:

    I am looking forward to receiving the news letter. I live just out side of buffalo new York. And I want to get back to eating right.

  37. Kim says:

    I’m interested in doing a program and grant for organic farming for kids. I need to be educated on the facts and how to go about getting started. I am an educator now working with children. How do I gather information from future stakeholders and community helpers.

  38. ALOZIE ALOZIE says:

    Great Site, lots of information. thanks a lot. I would love to know about the top ten Rice Farmers with best storage facilities and as well as fresh Tomatoes farmers.

  39. Angie Vest says:

    Looking forward to receiving this newsletter. I am working on a startup farm in Ohio and look forward to learning more.

  40. Heather Berry says:

    Can you subscribe to the Missouri Agriculture “A Guide To The State’s Farms, Food & Exports” magazine? I just saw the latest copy and would like to make sure we receive future issues, Thanks!

    • Rachel Bertone says:

      Hi Heather,

      There is no subscription for this magazine. It’s sponsored by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and is available at their offices as well as local Farm Bureau offices across the state. Please contact them directly at (573) 751-4211 for more information. Thanks!

      Rachel Bertone
      editor, Missouri Agriculture

  41. Ginny says:


  42. Glenda Barron says:

    From Georgia and looking forward to receiving newsletter each week.

  43. Martha Beck says:

    Your recipe for Butternut Squash and Italian Sausage will not open. Would love to try it. I pinned it on Pinterest a while back and it’s my most re-pinned recipe. Yet, I haven’t tried it yet. I hope you can resolve this problem. It won’t open in Pinterest either.
    Thank you.

  44. Martha Beck says:

    Thank you so much for fixing the recipe for Butternut Squash and Italian Sausage. It opens now and I’m excited to try it.