Ohio Farm Science Review

In every industry, there are a few events that draw the latest and greatest in technology, the most influential industry leaders and the best informational demonstrations.

In Ohio, the Ohio State University Farm Science Review sets the standard for the rest of the state – and the region.

“The mission of the Farm Science Review is to provide access to current knowledge and technologies that enhance the quality of life and market competitiveness of individuals, families, industries and communities,” says Chuck Gamble, manager of the Farm Science Review. “This mission is accomplished by showcasing research, products, services and experience through educational exhibits, presentations, and demonstrations on crop and livestock industries, natural resources and lifestyles.”

More than 600 exhibitors from all over North America line the central exhibit area to interact with producers and industry professionals. Whether it be sharing cutting-edge GPS technology, biofuels or the latest equipment, vendors at the Farm Science Review can help revolutionize any operation.

“If a company markets to agriculture, they are represented at the Farm Science Review,” Gamble says. “Farm shows entail a very efficient marketing venue for companies to gather in one location to bring farmers from all contiguous states and beyond.”

This trade show doesn’t just offer products and technology; it also offers educational sessions and field demonstrations on native species, aquaponics, soil sampling and more.

Individuals are recognized for their contribution to the industry as well with inductions into the Farm Science Review Hall of Fame and the Ohio Farmer Conservation Awards.

As if there weren’t enough to celebrate, 2015 marks the 53rd Farm Science Review, the past 33 of which have taken place at the 2,100-acre Molly Caren Agricultural Center. The event theme is farm health and safety, cancer prevention, farm management programs, financial and economical information, the environment, and human and community development.

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Year after year, the Farm Science Review brings together producers and professionals for an agricultural experience unlike any other in the area.

“The Farm Science Review is the largest, most robust farm trade show in the region,” says Gamble. “You name it, it’s here!”


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