oregon overviewCattle and calves – Oregon cattle farmers earned nearly $914 million in production value in 2015 with an inventory of 1.32 million cattle and calves. The commodity represents about 15 percent of the state’s agricultural sector. Beef cattle ranches are especially prevalent east of the Cascade Mountains.

Greenhouse and nursery – Greenhouse and nursery products are big business in Oregon, earning the state $894 million in production value in 2015 and ranking third of all states. A majority of production takes place in the Portland metro area and surrounding counties.

Hay – In 2015, Oregon farmers harvested 1 million acres of hay. This valuable commodity earned the state a production value of more than $604 million. Southern and eastern Oregon counties lead the way in hay production.

Milk and dairy products – Milk produced in Oregon consistently ranks among the top five states in the nation for superior quality. In 2015, state dairy farmers earned a $474 million production value with 2.55 billion pounds of fluid milk. Dairies can be found throughout the state, but many of them are concentrated in Tillamook County on the Oregon Coast.

Grass Seed – Oregon is the world’s major producer of cool-season forage and turf grass seed. Oregon grass seed is mostly farmed in the Willamette Valley, including Linn, Benton and Marion counties. In addition, the state is a widely recognized center of seed production expertise. In 2015, the state’s grass seed industry earned a $384 million production value.

Wheat – Oregon wheat fields mostly grow soft white wheat, which is used to make cakes, cookies and other baked goods. In 2015, producers earned $217 million in production value from more than 39 million bushels. The Columbia Basin in eastern Oregon is a major wheat-producing area.

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Potatoes – Potato farms in Oregon have the highest yields of potatoes per acre in the world. Farmers harvested 38,900 acres of potatoes for a production value of $176 million in 2015. The Klamath Basin in southern Oregon grows more for the fresh market, and the Columbia Basin grows more for French fries and other processed potatoes.

Pears – Oregon farms grow a plentiful variety of pears thanks to the region’s unique climate. In 2015, the state produced 179,100 tons with a production value of $152 million. Oregon mostly produces winter pears, which includes Bosc, Anjou and Comice varieties.

Wine Grapes – Nationally, Oregon ranks sixth in wine grape production. Farmers produced 58,000 tons in 2015 with a production value of $147 million. Oregon Pinots have put the state on a national and world stage for quality. One of the fastest growing sectors of Oregon ag, wine grapes can be found in many parts of the state but flourish in Yamhill County and the Willamette Valley.

Onions – Most of the nation’s onion production takes place in Oregon’s Malheur County and across the Idaho border. In 2015, Oregon onions had a production value of $125 million and continued to find their way into internationally known brands and products.


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