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South Carolina Agriculture

South Carolina Agriculture

South Carolina Agriculture

Dive deep into South Carolina’s varied industry, and you’ll see the state holds its own as an agricultural powerhouse. While South Carolina is recognized as a top poultry producer, consumers may be surprised to learn just how diverse the state’s $42 billion ag industry is – cultivating fresh produce, seafood, forestry products, dairy and more.

South Carolina has more than 25,200 farms spread across its landscape, with an average size of 197 acres each. In total, they encompass about 4.9 million acres of land. Farmers grow and raise the state’s many agricultural products including the top commodities – broilers, turkeys, greenhouse and nursery products, cotton, and corn.

From Field to Fuel

Biofuel industry offers opportunities for growers and producers.

South Carolina Chefs are Cooking Up A Local Food Collaboration

Chef Ambassadors help advance South Carolina’s local food movement.

South Carolina Agriculture by the Numbers



Farmers Markets


Economic Impact


Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Service), USDA

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South Carolina has a booming aquaculture industry.

South Carolina Farmers are Going with the Grain

Viability of crop, animal industries intertwined.

State’s Commissioner School Gives Students a Taste of Ag Industry

Students learn about life on the farm (and elsewhere) at the South Carolina Commissioner's School for Agriculture.

State’s Consumers Believe in Benefits of Local Food

Certified South Carolina brand program gives pride to the state's local producers.

Farming Diversity in South Carolina

Different farming methods grow great South Carolina products.

Cotton Remains Staple Crop for South Carolina

Cotton serves as one of South Carolina's top crops, contributing significantly to the state's economy.

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