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Eating raw radishes and other fresh vegetables is great for your health.

4 Healthy Benefits of Eating Garden-Fresh Produce

Reasons to eat fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden or local farm include phytochemicals, increased energy and reduced weight gain.
shade gardens explained

Shade Garden Tutorial: Defining Light, Partial and Full Shade Plants

Plant tags show a darkened circle or half circle to represent shade, but what's the difference between light shade, partial shade, full shade and deep shade?

5 Tips for Successful Home Gardens in Small Spaces

Don’t think you have enough space to grow your own veggies? Think again.
Tomato plant and marigolds - companion gardening

Plant This Near That: Companion Gardening

Even if your thumb is green, here’s a tip you may not have heard: Fruits, vegetables and herbs can grow more successfully depending upon what's planted near them.
An urban backyard garden with raised beds growing vegetables

Raised Beds Grow in Popularity

Try building a raised-bed garden, which is simply a garden built on top of your native soil.
Going Green in your Garden

8 Ways to Go Green in the Garden

Tips for growing an eco-friendly garden, including natural pest control, using rain barrels and composting.
Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna Gardening Layers It On Thick

Lasagna gardening is organic, earth-friendly and most importantly, incredibly easy.
How to compost

How to Compost

Use what’s in your yard to create your own compost. You need the following elements: nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and water.

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Local Appeal Connects Farmers and Consumers in Nebraska

An increase in fresh, locally grown produce connects farmers with their customers in Nebraska.

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