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The Whole Kernel: Cargill in Nebraska

Cargill’s Blair campus produces ethanol, and so much more, with the state’s corn crop.
Corn field

Arkansas Acreage is Gaining Ground

Corn acreage continues to increase in Arkansas.
Ohio Farmer Paul Herringshaw

Ohio Corn and Soybean Farmers are Making Rows of Progress

Ohio sees growth in corn and soybeans.

Corn: Sweet, Field and Popped

Learn about the different types of corn, including field corn, sweet corn and popcorn.
field corn with dents

Field Corn and Sweet Corn: What’s the Difference?

Corn covers more American farmland than any other crop, yet you’ll need to find a backyard garden for some corn on the cob.
Corn Field

The Life Cycle of a Corn Plant

Follow the corn crop through the year from planting in spring to harvesting in fall and its uses beyond.

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