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Remarkable Muscadines

North Carolina’s ancient Mother Vine produces superb grapes.
Screamin' Hill Brewery. Photo courtesy of Abigail Gingerale Photography, abigailgingeralephotography.com

Fresh From New Jersey’s Farms

New Jersey businesses source local products to benefit farmers and consumers.
Centerton Nursery

New Jersey Cultivates Urban Agriculture

Urban farms and gardens are sprouting up in New Jersey cities.
Timbercreek Farm, chickens, eggs

The Virginia Local Food Movement Meets Market Demands

Virginia entrepreneurs seize opportunities in local food movement.

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Poultry Business Provides Boost to Alabama Economy

The poultry industry contributes more than $10 billion to Alabama's economy and is the leading agricultural revenue segment for the state. Alabama ranks third nationally in broiler production and 14th in eggs.
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Tamale Pie recipe

Tamale Pie

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