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Texas School Lunch

Georgia School Lunches Served Fresh Daily

School nutrition employee attests to fresh food benefits.
Lunch tray with food from the Georgia menu.

Georgia Farm-Sourced and Kid Approved

Farm-to-cafeteria opportunities make for healthier, happier students.
Burke County Schools

From Georgia Farm to School Cafeteria

2020 Vision aims to bring more local food products into schools.
school, children, lunch

Minnesota Farm to School

Local produce on school menus leads to more students learning about agriculture.

What’s in Season: Blueberries

Enjoy these facts about blueberries, which provide numerous health benefits and can be used in countless recipes from salads to main dishes to desserts.
Oven Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

What’s in Season: Broccoli

Find out more about this seasonal favorite.

What’s in Season: Kale

Find out why kale is America's favorite superfood.
Landreth Farms, Mississippi Sweet Potato

Alabama Sweet Potato Movement

Alabama farmers increase sweet potato crop yield to meet demand.

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