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Stewards of the Land

Stewardship is deeply ingrained in the families of honored Florida farmers.
Sharon and Steve Oetting’s farm in Concordia is ASAP-certified in livestock, crops and farmstead.

Missouri Farmers are Stewards of the Land

Conservation program promotes farmers doing their best for land, farms and families.

Michigan is Farming Responsibly

The true value of clean freshwater is crystal clear, and Michigan farmers and producers are taking huge...

Tennessee Farmers Harvest Renewable Energy

Progressive Tennessee farmers are harnessing alternative, renewable energy sources.

Discover the Future of Conservation

Discovery Farms allow farmers to take the lead in investigating effectiveness of water and soil conservation practices.

An Eye on Energy Efficiency

Mississippi farmers focus on energy efficiency in their operations.
Woodburn Nursery recycles irrigation water and fertilizer from its greenhouses and fields.

Growing Sustainability Methods

Oregon farmers proudly practice sustainability.
NE cows

Nebraska Livestock Producers are Loyal to the Land

Livestock producers focus on sustainability.

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