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Tennessee Agriculture

Tennessee Agriculture

Tennessee Agriculture

Tennessee farming is far from the mule-and-plow stereotype of the past. Staying attuned to the technological times, embracing sustainability and innovation in an ever-changing industry is how agriculture and forestry have remained vital sectors in the Volunteer State, contributing approximately $74.8 billion to Tennessee’s economy each year. Leading agricultural commodities are cattle and calves, broilers and milk, and also soybeans, corn, hay, wheat, cotton, tobacco, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

With just over 67,300 farms spread across 9 million acres of land and $4.28 billion in cash receipts, Tennessee contains many prosperous traditional farming operations. More than 349,000 Tennesseans are employed in both the agricultural and forestry industries. The state is also a hotbed of agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship.

More Than Tradition: Innovative Farming in Tennessee

Tennessee producers are using innovative farming methods to maintain a strong agriculture industry.

Harlinsdale Farm Fun

The Park at Harlinsdale Farm draws equine enthusiasts and hosts special events with a new arena.

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Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Service), USDA

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Agricenter International teems with recreation, education and, especially, research.

Ag Enhancement Program Stimulates Farms, Economy

It may seem ironic that funds from tobacco, a crop that Tennessee farmers used to produce but now typically don’t, are helping farmers prosper.

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Freshness on the Move

Farm family travels up to 50 miles to sell fresh berries to customers.

Tennessee Universities Focus on New Fields of Agriculture

Tennessee colleges and universities are taking steps to ensure that their agriculture students are prepared for careers for new fields of ag.

Agriculture Crime Unit Works With Farmers to Ensure Rural Safety

Tennessee's Agriculture Crime Unit is made up of nine investigators who investigate everything from livestock theft to wildfire arson in 95 counties and 14 state forests in the state to ensure the safety and security of rural communities.

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