Throughout October, schools across the nation are honoring National Farm-to-School Month with fun activities, educational events and more helping connect students to local farmers and encourage healthy eating. Learn more about the celebration at, then read on for information on 10 Farm to School programs in 10 states:

1. Minnesota Farm to School

Several schools in Minnesota, including Lincoln Elementary in Owatonna, source fresh foods and produce from local farmers. Read more.

2. Michigan’s Farm to School Connection

Michigan students learn exactly where milk comes from – a cow, not the grocery store – while celebrating October’s Farm to School Month. Read more. 

3. Mississippi Cafeteria Crops

Locally grown products are becoming staples in Mississippi schools, thanks to the Farm to School program. Read more. 

4. Arkansas Farm-to-School Programs Grow

Arkansas students experience reading, writing and fresh produce at school. The Farm-to-School program also teaches about healthy eating to help fight childhood obesity. Read more. 

5. Alabama Students Connect to Local Farms

Alabama students enjoy locally grown sweet potatoes, watermelons, satsuma mandarins and apples through the Farm-to-School program. Read more. 


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