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Utah Agriculture

Utah Agriculture

Utah Agriculture

Utah‘s agriculture can be described in one word: diverse. Whether producing top agricultural commodities such as cattle and dairy products or adopting management programs to improve the health of rangelands and watersheds, the Beehive State covers all aspects of the industry. Utah boasts 18,200 farms, covering 11 million acres of land, with the average farm size totaling 677 acres. 

In 2012, cattle and calves brought a total of $360.57 million to the state. While beef is extremely important, the livestock industry as a whole accounts for 69 percent of Utah’s farm cash receipts. Approximately $560 million comes from meat sales alone, including beef, pork and mutton. Utah also ranks in the top 10 nationally for tart cherries, apricots, sweet cherries, mink and sheep production.

Focus on Quality

Egg industry ensures safety of its products.

Ewes in Utah

Art of sheepherding continues throughout the state.

Utah Agriculture by the Numbers



Farmers Markets


Economic Impact


Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Service), USDA

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