Highland Dairy Farm

Dairy products – Known as “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin ranks No. 1 in the U.S. for cheese production and No. 2 for milk. In 2012, Wisconsin dairy cows produced 27.2 billion pounds of milk.

Corn – Corn is grown in Wisconsin both for grain and silage for livestock feed. In 2012, the state’s farmers harvested 399 million bushels for grain and 14.2 million tons of silage.

Cattle & calves – In 2012, cash receipts from marketing cattle and calves totaled $1.319 billion. Wisconsin ranks No. 13 in the nation for gross income generated from cattle and calves produced.

Soybeans – Soybeans generated $981 million in cash receipts in 2012. The state’s farmers harvested more than 70 million bushels of this versatile crop, with an average yield of 42 bushels per acre.

Potatoes – Wisconsin ranks No. 3 for potato production. In 2012, Wisconsin farmers harvested 64,500 acres of potatoes, with an average yield of 460 hundredweight (cwt) per acre.

Greenhouse/nursery – In 2011, the greenhouse and nursery industry generated $247.7 million in cash receipts. Christmas trees, a large segment of the industry, represented $14.3 million of that total.

Cranberries – Wisconsin ranks No. 1 for cranberry production. During the 2012 season, the state’s growers harvested a record-high 19,700 acres of cranberries and 4.8 million bushels of the fruit.

Wheat – Before becoming famous for its dairy production, Wisconsin was known as “America’s breadbasket.” Wheat farmers harvested 245,000 acres of wheat in 2012.

Hogs – Wisconsin producers raised 320,000 swine in 2012. The industry generated $134.39 million in cash receipts in 2012, ranking the state No. 17 for gross income from hogs produced.

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Broilers – Wisconsin produced 51.7 million broilers in 2012 for a farm-gate value of $108.55 million. The state ranks No. 20 in the nation for value of broiler production.

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