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15 June

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Would You Eat Vending Machine Pizza?

We no longer have a vending machine at our office. I didn’t use it that often, just for moments of desperation: My lunch didn’t fill me up, the candy dish was empty, I forgot to bring my own snacks and I just wanted some crackers or chips to tide me over until dinner. It seems my coworkers were on the same schedule – using the vending machine rarely, if ever – and so we are now without an emergency snack outlet.

So imagine my surprise when I came across the news that America is getting pizza vending machines. Invented by (naturally!) an Italian, the Let’s Pizza machine mixes the dough, rolls it into a crust, covers it with tomato sauce, adds the toppings and cheese, and cooks the pizza in an infrared oven – all in less than 3 minutes. The pizza vending machines have been a hit in Europe, so they’re now making the trip across the pond. Yay?

Suggested retail is $5.95 per pizza, which are “untouched by human hands” and “guaranteed with total hygiene,” according to the Let’s Pizza video.

I don’t think one will appear at my office, but I can probably see myself paying $6 for a 10-inch pizza at an airport or hotel when I’m traveling in lieu of those crackers and chips.

What do you think? Would you eat vending machine pizza?

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  1. Veronica says:

    Awesome pizza Vending Machines.