AgAmerica Precision Ag

Technology is prominent in every aspect of life these days, and agriculture is no different. An in-depth AgAmerica article on precision agriculture shows just how important agriculture technology has become to today’s U.S. farmers. Practicing precision agriculture, in which farmers use data and information about their crops gathered from a variety of sources, not only makes farming easier, but it is also more efficient, with better yields, healthier land and improved profits.

Precision agriculture encompasses everything from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), also known as drones, to software and digital programs that are used to monitor planting, irrigating, and other crop management decisions. From computer programs to mobile apps to GPS tools, all of these programs have the same goal to increase profits by streamlining productivity.

To get the scoop on everything precision agriculture is predicted to bring to the industry, read the full article here.

As the country’s premier land lender, AgAmerica supports technology and innovation that improves agriculture. It’s their mission to help farmers and ranchers grow and succeed through financial assistance.

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