Farmers HandshakeIf you’re interested in applying for an agricultural loan or simply need help taking your operation to the next level, consider reaching out to AgAmerica Lending.

AgAmerica, a boutique land lender specializing in agricultural finance, offers a spectrum of products and a customizable, data-driven approach. Our borrowers work personally from start to finish with one lending team that is focused on the unique needs and goals of their operation. We are your long-term financial partner who has the solutions to not only sustain your operation, but also help it grow for generations.

Why Choose AgAmerica?

At AgAmerica, we take a global look at your financial situation, offering options and recommendations that will be best for the overall financial health of your operation and ensuring your operation reaches its full potential. We see ourselves as partners in each borrower’s operation. We share the same passion for the land as the farmer, and we have the same goal in mind: the long-term health of the operation.

Our highly educated team of experts has extensive knowledge in finance and economics, real estate and financing strategies, and they are well-prepared to help analyze your operation’s historic performance and discuss opportunities that will ensure a more solvent future. As a result, working with AgAmerica means you don’t have to spend time away from your immediate farming needs to focus on your operation’s financial future; we have you covered.

We offer a variety of loan programs and products, providing plenty of options for borrowers to choose from. For example, our borrowers have access to agricultural, farm, ranch, and timber land loans; short-term bridge land loans; recreational and large-tract land loans; rural infrastructure loans; and 10-year lines of credit.

Because AgAmerica understands there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to land lending, our team of experts custom-builds land loan packages to help borrowers achieve their financial goals. We also offer a range of payment plans – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual – and if you’re looking to refinance, we can do that, too.

Field of cotton in Central Texas

Secure an Agricultural Loan with AgAmerica

According to Colin Clyne, AgAmerica’s chief lending officer, ideal candidates for ag financing are “farmers, ranchers, outdoorsmen, or investors who see the true value in one of our country’s limited resources: agricultural property.” In addition, Clyne says lenders are especially mindful of a potential borrower’s credit, character, and capacity.

To help the process move smoothly and enable our experts to quickly and accurately determine which financing option will best ensure the long-term success of your operation, we recommend you gather and prepare the following:

  • Collateral information such as parcel ID numbers, maps of the property, and any appraisals that have been done
  • Credit score
  • Loan application
  • Tax returns from the past three years, both personal and business-related
  • Balance sheets, both personal and business-related, listing assets and liabilities for the past three years
  • Off-farm income proof (if the potential borrower claims off-farm income)
  • Business plan strategy
  • Projections, such as crop plans and projected yields, to give your lender insight into the profitability of your operation and the amount of risk involved in the loan
  • Verification of debts and assets
  • Identification and biography

Although the process may seem daunting, we’re here every step of the way and are happy to help you acquire the necessary information. We look forward to working together and building a long-lasting relationship that serves your operation for many years to come.

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AgAmerica Lending is an agricultural land lender based in Central Florida, offering lines of credit, land purchase loans, and refinancing.