Cameron Flowers, Correspondent Lender for North and South Carolina

Cameron Flowers, Correspondent Lender for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

AgAmerica employees know firsthand how important loans can be in helping farmers grow their business, because they, too, are involved in agriculture.

Take Cameron Flowers, AgAmerica Correspondent Lender for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Flowers grew up in rural South Carolina, in the heart of tobacco country.

His family was involved in tobacco farming, and his cousins still run the operation today.

“I grew up working with them during the summers, which helped mold my understanding and appreciation for agriculture,” he says. Along with the family farm, Flowers was actively involved in FFA in high school, and graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Food Science. Currently, he has his own small farm where he raises grass-fed Brangus cattle, as well as some produce.

North Carolina Ag [INFOGRAPHIC]Chief Financial Officer Julia Hubbard grew up on a small farm in Tennessee that had a garden, chickens, and cattle. “At age 9, I won a first-place ribbon for my baby chicken,” she says.

Brian Philpot, President and CEO, co-owns 1,000 acres of timberland with Bryce Philpot, Senior Vice President, Operations and Finance. The family timber business inspired Brian’s career choice. “I logged a lot of miles riding in the back of my dad’s truck looking at timber tracts, and fell in love with it. I realized it was something I wanted to invest in,” Philpot says.


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