Alabama's top 10 agricultural commodities [INFOGRAPHIC]

1. Broilers – Raking in $3.6 billion in cash receipts, the top commodity in Alabama ranked No. 2 in the U.S. Broilers, or chickens raised for meat, also accounted for 59 percent of the state’s receipts.

2. Cattle and calves – Alabama cattle producers generated $477 million in cash receipts in 2013. There were around 1.24 million head in the state, up approximately 1 percent from 2012.

3. Chicken eggs – Producers earned $387 million in cash receipts from 180 million eggs, and ranked No. 9 nationally in 2013. Egg production is up 44 million from last year with an average of 237 eggs per layer.

4. Cotton lint – This fiber raised $235.9 million in cash receipts and is used to make plastics, explosives and high-quality paper products, to name a few. Alabama ranks 10th nationally in cotton production with 789 pounds per acre harvested.

5. Soybeans – Alabama soybean growers earned $219.68 million in cash receipts in 2013. Exports of soybeans, soybean meal and soybean oil to Korea, Colombia and Panama increased by $177 million in the past three years.

6. Peanuts – The 2013 peanut harvest generated $187.5 million in cash receipts thanks in part to Baldwin County producers, who lead the state in peanut production by the pound.

7. Corn – Grown in all 50 states, corn brought $139 million to Alabama in cash receipts in 2013. With harvested acres remaining constant, Alabama corn production was up 51 percent from 2012.

8. Wheat – Alabama’s wheat crop garnered $125.1 million in cash receipts. Yield increased by 10 bushels per acre between 2012 and 2013, from 59 bushels per acre to 69 bushels per acre.

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9. Aquaculture – Ranking fourth in U.S. production and totaling more than $116 million in cash receipts, Alabama’s 156 aquaculture farms grow tilapia, trout, bass, carp, catfish and flounder.

10. Hogs – Swine brought in $48.2 million in cash receipts in 2013. Alabama hog farmers produced and sold a staggering 441,000 head, which is a 53,000 head increase from last year.



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