Purchasing the highest-quality, best-tasting food for your family and friends is often a top priority. Selecting Buy Alabama’s Best (BAB) products nets high-quality foods, shores up valuable economic impact and significantly strengthens the lives of children.

BAB was launched in 1996 by a statewide group of manufacturers who were happy with the success of the 1995 Alabama tourism campaign, the “Alabama Year of Food.” BAB’s main purpose is to create consumer awareness of products produced, processed and made in the state.

The partnership includes Alabama manufacturers, local retailers, the Alabama Grocers Association and the state’s Department of Agriculture and Industries.

“When a consumer buys things locally, they know they are supporting their local economy, local jobs and most importantly, they know where the products originated,” Ellie Taylor, BAB’s executive director says. “Consumers want to know that their products are safe, have been inspected and taste good.”

Statewide Economy

Alabama’s food product sales generate a $2 billion impact on the state’s economy and tax base.

“Along with the grocery and food service industries, Alabama food sales employ one out of every four Alabamians,” Larry Woodward, BAB’s association president, says. “When we buy local, we are helping our neighbors.”

Watch for BAB’s Logo

Retailers throughout the state have displays and shelf tags highlighting Alabama products throughout the year. Every March and September those retailers specially feature the state’s products in ads, build displays and help increase awareness.

“During these months we also host events at stores where consumers can come in and sample products,” Taylor says. “You have the opportunity to meet personnel from these Alabama companies, and in some cases even the owner of the company, who can educate you on their product and how their company got started.”

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“We encourage you to ask for local products, which can be found at grocery and specialty stores, and even the farmers market. A complete list of BAB’s participating companies and Alabama products can be found at or by visiting BAB’s Facebook page at”

BAB Gives Back

Since 2006, the BAB program has prioritized giving back to the community.

“Alabama manufacturers realized we needed consumer awareness of our products to help both our state’s consumers and companies,” Taylor says. “If we are asking the people of Alabama to support us, we want to give back to them through a reputable charity. A portion of the sales proceeds of participating companies in March and September go directly to Children’s of Alabama – Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology to find a cure for childhood cancer.”

Retailers also sell $1 icons in their stores during those months to raise additional funds for this worthy cause.

Woodward is pleased the state’s retailers, manufacturers and producers are unified behind such a successful program.

“This is a partnership of Alabama companies working together to impact the lives within our communities. To date, our efforts have raised nearly a half million dollars for pediatric cancer research. Our commitment to Children’s of Alabama keeps us focused and motivated as a group. The future is bright.”

These are some of the Alabama products that are part of the Buy Alabama’s Best campaign.

Buy Alabama's Best products: Barber's Dairy Products


Barber’s Dairy – Barber’s Dairy offers a variety of milk options, including whole, fat free, reduced fat and the ever popular TruMoo. Barber’s exceeds the standards in temperature, storage and shipping just to make sure their milk is fresher, better, longer. They also offer products such as buttermilk, sour cream, cottage cheese, party dip, egg nog, whipping cream and much more!

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Buy Alabama's Best products: Crazy Wanda Chicken Tender Breading


Crazy Wanda – Headquartered in Pelham, Crazy Wanda offers two different types of breading, Cracker Meal and Chicken Tender. Crazy Wanda’s can be used to bread a variety of food, including chicken, oysters, shrimp, green tomatoes, onions and much more. They have a flavor and a flair of lower Alabama and can be found in many independent grocers or shipped directly to you.

Buy Alabama's Best products: Golden Eagle Syrup


Golden Eagle Syrup – Started in 1928, Golden Eagle Syrup offers a delicious, mild syrup. Since then, Golden Eagle Syrup has become a favorite to generations of families. That same quality syrup is still produced in Fayette, Ala., today. Their mission is to continue to produce Golden Eagle Syrup in the manner of the founder’s vision: “A Syrup Without an Equal for Any Meal” and, as always, “The Pride of Alabama.”

Buy Alabama's Best products: Moore's Marinades and Sauces


Moore’s Marinades & Sauces –  Started more than 40 years ago, Moore’s Marinade is the secret to award-winning barbecue, offering five great flavors of sauces, including Original Hickory Marinade, Buffalo Wing Sauce, Honey BBQ Wing Sauce and Asian Teriyaki Sauce. Moore’s can be found in supermarkets across the United States.


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