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Arizona Ag Products

Arizona Ag Products

From traditional row crops like, corn and soybeans, to livestock, to specialty crops such as fresh produce, to aquaculture and forestry products, discover everything Arizona produces.

Arizona Agriculture by the Numbers

Economic Impact


per year

Top 10 Ag Products Sold

  1. Meat animals
  2. Cattle and calves
  3. Dairy products, Milk
  4. Vegetables and melons
  5. All other crops
  6. Feed crops
  7. Cotton
  8. Fruits and nuts
  9. Food grains
  10. Wheat

Crops vs Livestock Production Value:

Crops: $2,017,256 | 46%
Livestock: $2,384,868 | 54%
Source: NASS (National Agricultural Statistics Service), USDA

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