No matter where inspections might take field representatives from the Arkansas Bureau of Standards – and locations are indeed varied – their goal can be summed up succinctly.

“Our mission is to make sure everybody gets a square deal,” says Tom Pugh, director for the Bureau of Standards. “We are the front lines for fraud and error in the state as it relates to packaged goods, and we enforce net contents accuracy in labeling.”

The Bureau, a division of the Arkansas State Plant Board, is responsible not only for protecting the interest of consumers and buyers but also the sellers. These include manufacturers, packers, processors, wholesalers and retail merchants.

Weights and measures inspects gas pumps

With 32 employees, most of them inspectors located throughout Arkansas, the Bureau performs a variety of services such as handling complaints on advertising, pricing scanners, labeling violations and even accuracy of firewood volume.

It also does a good bit of scales testing at grocery stores and other retailers selling fruits and vegetables.

“When you put your produce down on a scale at any store in the state, we have made sure that scale is accurate,” Pugh says. “Agencies that are contracted by the store certify the scales annually. What our bureau does is make sure the service agencies are actually doing their job properly. Our team goes behind the service agencies to make sure scales are accurate.”

Another big part of the Bureau’s job is enforcing petroleum quality at gas stations.

“We have a crew that does nothing but that,” Pugh says. “They go out unannounced in whatever territories they cover.”

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In addition to checking the gasoline’s quality, the Bureau inspects gasoline pumps for accurate measurements. It’s especially diligent during high-travel periods such as holiday weekends.

“We’re rolling up to gasoline stations unannounced, taking 5-gallon measures and making sure it’s within a tolerance of 3 cubic inches, plus or minus,” Pugh says. “We find almost no short measure on petroleumdispensing devices in the state. It’s not a systemic problem.”

Findings from a typical monthly report on gasoline stations are usually on the order of “expired calibration,” “incorrect ethanol stickers posted” and “water coming through premium nozzle.”

Pugh says most violations of Bureau regulations are found at heavy truck scales, deli and meat counters, and in petroleum contamination.


  1. Today I filled up at Valero station on east 9th st Texarkana, ar I had a couple gallons of gas left in my tank. My tank is a 26 gal tank. When I got thru pumping the pump said i had put in 30.4 gal. I went back to get a reciept a couple hours later and they could not furnish me with one. I told them what had happened and the MGR said they knew one of the tanks was off but did not know that # 4 was off. She said She would report it to Her mgr. She did not close that pump off just paid no attention to it. I told Her i wanted the money they got me on the bogas pump, She said She would tell Her mgr. I filled my tank up at that same pump last week and the week before. Who do I see about this..That pump is still in use!!

  2. I am asking for an investigator to look into a problem that I have run into with Lair Oil and White Oak Stations. I let them know that I did not get the cash price that that say you get when paying cash at their locations, I have the receipt and went back in the station an told the attendant and she said the machine figures it out and that is not true as you pay in advance. I got nowhere. I published this on face book and Turner had a office worker contact me and asked me to come in and the would refund me the shortage and a i opted not to and I have the pump receipt for records. The person that contacted me said Turner was going to the stations and re train everyone to make sure this did not happen again and I chose to not buy there anymore. Today the 8th day of November 2014, I need to buy fuel without ethanol and went to his station 701 n Maim in Harrison. I had two 5 gallon gas containers to fill with fuel and told the attendant that I wanted 10 gallons and a the cash price which is 275.9 and gave her my $27.50 and she used a calculator and that is the receipt that I have but does not have the details that a pump receipt has but I wrote down how much fuel I received and it is 9.170 gallons so it is short once again and i went back to the attendant and confronted her on the discrepancy and she just shrugs her shoulders and say she can nothing about it and I said well,I CAN so I am formally complaining about this to this department.
    Rhuel D. Luttrell
    cell phone is 870 365 6032

  3. Lim’s on Hwy 365 outside Conway halfway to Maumelle – you get 4 1/2 gallons for every 5 you pay for. Consistently. No way I put 27+ gallons in a new 1/2 ton GMC truck! 5 gallon VP gas jug that is marked on side – 5 gallons on pump is 4 1/2 on their own branded jug!


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