Our Green Acre

Misty Langdon owns Our Green Acre Farm in Jasper, Ark. The diversified farm raises heritage breed hogs and horses, grows beans and vegetables, and makes natural beauty products.

The Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Made programs help farmers across the state better market their products, making it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy locally produced foods and goods.

Brittany Langdon pets one of her horses at Our Green Acre farm in Jasper, Arkansas.

Arkansas Grown And Arkansas Made

Developed by the Arkansas Agriculture Department, both programs are branding tools designed to connect producers and consumers at the state level.

“There’s a national trend of people wanting to know where their food comes from, and this is an easy way for them to know that something was produced in Arkansas,” says Wesley W. Ward, Arkansas’s Secretary of Agriculture. “I think Arkansas residents are very interested in being able to purchase their food from within the state and help support other Arkansans.”

Misty Langdon holds one of her heritage breed Large Black Hog piglets at Our Green Acre farm in Jasper, Arkansas.

Arkansas Grown, which helps potential buyers locate Arkansas agricultural products, offers four tiers of participation including the restaurant option. While each tier offers unique benefits, they all give participants access to Arkansas Grown events and various marketing materials, a listing on the Arkansas Grown website and mobile application, and the right to use the Arkansas Grown logo.

Helping potential buyers find products produced by Arkansans, such as baked goods and furniture, Arkansas Made offers participants a listing on the Arkansas Grown website and the right to use the Arkansas Made logo. This program is for those who are creating products in the state that may contain a small portion of ingredients or materials from outside the state.

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A variety of hand-made products including soaps, bath salts, scrubs, lip balm, yarns honey and maple syrup are sold by Our Green Acre farm in Jasper, Arkansas.

Farmer And Producers See The Benefits

Misty Langdon, who owns and operates Our Green Acre Farm near the Buffalo National River in northwest Arkansas with her husband, Richard, has found success as part of both Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Made. Her 500-acre farm includes Large Black hogs, as well as cattle and heritage chickens, all of which are pasture raised. She also produces natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, bath salts, salves and lip balms. In addition, Langdon grows heirloom plants and harvests maple syrup each winter.

Arkansas Made Products [INFOGRAPHIC]

“When you have an Arkansas Grown or Arkansas Made sign, it gives people that extra incentive to buy your products,” Langdon says.

Bob Wayne of Wayne Plantation, located in Scott, also participates in both programs. Wayne grows the NuSun variety of sunflowers on 65 acres and produces cold-pressed, extra-virgin sunflower oil ideal for salad dressings, marinades, sauces, sautés, baking and stir frying. The oil is all-natural, non-refined and free of preservatives, making it a healthy choice for consumers.

Misty Langdon and her daughter, Brittany, pick tomatoes at Our Green Acre Farm in Jasper, Ark.

Misty Langdon and her daughter, Brittany, pick tomatoes at Our Green Acre Farm in Jasper, Ark.

“The Arkansas Agriculture Department has been fantastic to work with,” Wayne says. “In the last year and a half that I’ve been part of both programs, I’ve seen the phenomenal work that they do and how hard they’re working to get the word out. They are devoted to promoting Arkansas products.”

As a member of Arkansas Grown, L.C. Ratchford, owner and operator of Ratchford Buffalo Farms near Marshall, has noticed an increase in agritourism, as well as increased product sales from locals and visitors alike. Ratchford’s farm, home to nearly 500 acres of bison, cattle, llamas, emus, peacocks, alpacas and goats, is open for tours and includes a shop that sells meat, honey, jellies, jams and fresh produce. Visitors who want to enjoy an extended stay can rent cabins overlooking the farm.

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Meats including beef and pork products are raised, butchered and sold at Our Green Acre farm in Jasper, Arkansas.

“Tourists buy a lot of our products because they understand they cannot be purchased in other areas, and they’re finding that products grown and made in Arkansas are high quality,” Ratchford says. “Plus, a lot of locals want to keep their money here, and they know they’re not just helping us [the producers] – they’re helping the local economy.”

Varieties of heritage beans grow in the gardens at Our Green Acre farm in Jasper, Arkansas.


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