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You won’t get very far in today’s agricultural world without hearing the term “farm-to-fork.” The locavore movement has taken over restaurants and grocery stores across the country and more people want to know exactly where their food comes from. Eating local has become an important part of many U.S. communities. But what about drinking local?

We found 10 breweries spread across the country that are sourcing local ingredients to brew their delicious beers. From growing their own hops and specialty crops, to working with local farmers and helping support their community’s agriculture, these breweries are taking the next step in going local. Take a look at our picks for 10 awesome farm-to-pint breweries:

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1. Abita Brewing Co., Abita Springs, LA


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Known for their flagship brews like Purple Haze and Jockamo IPA, the Louisiana-based Abita Brewing Company has already formed a name for themselves. Now, they’re going local.

The Abita Springs company, which is close to New Orleans, grabbed the title as the state’s first craft brewery. Recently, they released a new “Harvest Series” of beers, which incorporates the finest Louisiana-grown ingredients.

“From the very start, we’ve brewed beers that pair well with the kind of food we love to cook and eat here in Louisiana,” says David Blossman, president of Abita Brewing Company. “Using and sourcing local ingredients is a natural progression from our roots and our on-going commitment to always be Louisiana-true.”

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Abita’s loyal customers will be able to taste the difference, too. “Locally grown means you can see where ingredients come from, get to know the farmers and harvest at the peak of flavor,” says Blossman. “Customers can taste the difference between real Louisiana ingredients and artificial flavors that are used in some mass-market beers.”

Members of the Abita Harvest Series include a Satsuma Harvest Wit, Strawberry Harvest lager and Pecan Harvest ale. In December, the company is rolling out the Grapefruit IPA, made with Louisiana Ruby Red grapefruit, to add to the collection. Blossman adds that they’re always open to suggestions from customers for their next brew. “We know they’ve got great taste,” he says.

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