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A Sweet Spot for Herman

Growing up in the rural Ozark hills of Central Missouri, artist Julie Townsend found inspiration for her work in the rural landscapes of her childhood. Surrounded by farms, woods, wildlife and scenic country roads, she showcases the details of life in the countryside in her artwork. And although she now calls Nevada home, Townsend finds joy in recreating the rural landscapes she remembers.

“Where I live here in the desert, there just isn’t enough green around,” Townsend says. “So I make my own green in my studio.”

She also finds inspiration in rural life when it comes to selecting the perfect medium for her art. She goes beyond just canvas, painting on wood, cowbells and even cast-iron skillets.

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farm art

Rise and Shine, Fence Post Curiosity

Down Country Roads

Townsend’s most recent art series, “Down Country Roads,” brings viewers on a journey to a less complicated time and place. Her paintings feature colorful rural scenes and include details like old barns, pastures, fence posts, wildflowers and farm animals.

She begins each piece with the goal of transporting those who view her work to a more innocent and happy time in their lives. Often described as whimsical or childlike, Townsend’s art combines bright colors and unique details to bring joy to viewers and make them smile.

“I’m just a simple artist trying to spread some joy and tell a story with my paintbrush,” says Townsend. “And if my art brings a smile to your face, well then I have accomplished everything.”

Today, Townsend’s work is beginning to gain recognition both within the U.S. and internationally. Her art has won several awards and is currently on display in Nevada at Boulder City Art Guild & Gallery.

To learn more about Townsend, browse her artwork or purchase a print for yourself, visit her studio website, Etsy shop or Facebook page.

farm art

Happy Cows

farm art

The Nanny Squad



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