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April 14 is National Pecan Day! Before you celebrate with our favorite pecan recipes, here are a few – 13, in fact – reasons to chow down on these nutritional nuts:

Pecan Health Benefits, in a Nutshell

  1. One ounce of pecans (about 20 halves) contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals.
  2. Ranking highest among all nuts, they are among the top category of foods to contain the highest antioxidant capacity.
  3. Thanks to these antioxidants, including vitamin E, pecans help lower cholesterol.
  4. Emerging research shows that pecans can help with weight control efforts.
  5. Eating just a handful of pecans each day may protect your nervous system against neurological diseases such as ALS.
  6. Yes, pecans contain fats – but it’s  good, heart-healthy fats like oleic acid that help prevent heart disease.
  7. Unsalted pecans have no sodium or cholesterol.
  8. Pecans are a good source of protein.
  9. They provide 10 percent of the recommended daily value for dietary fiber with 2.7 grams in a 1-ounce serving.
  10. Pecans contain no trans fat.
  11. These nuts are a good source of vitamin A, which helps vision and bone growth.
  12. The antioxidants found in pecans may also help fight cancer.
  13. Pecans could improve your love life by providing zinc, which helps produce testosterone.

Source: National Pecan Shellers Association,

13 Pecan Recipes

Pecans for Breakfast

  1. Sweet Potato Casserole Biscuits
  2. Cinnamon-Cranberry Granola
  3. Pecan-Pumpkin Bread 

    Pecan Snacks, Salads and Side Dishes

  4. Hot Shot Cherries and Nuts Snack Mix
  5. Apple Pecan Cherry Salad
  6. Baked Stuffed Acorn Squash 

    Pecans and Chocolate

  7. Caramel Chocolate Turtle Pretzels
  8. Chocolate Fruit and Nut Clusters
  9. Turtle Brownies 

    More Pecan Desserts

  10. Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream
  11. Easy Cherry Fruit Pie
  12. Butter Brickle Bread
  13. Apple Gingerbread

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  1. I didn’t know that pecans have no sodium. My husband loves pecans and will eat them by the truckload. I may have to find an online company that sells them so he can stop making so many trips to the store to buy them.


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