Blackberries ripen in June through August, depending upon where you are located. They ripen earlier in Southern states and later in the season in the Midwest and North.

They are plentiful at local farmers markets, but many farms also offer pick-your-own blackberries, especially for thornless varieties. You can easily tell when blackberries are ripe and ready to pick: They are so full of juice that they look like they’re ready to pop. When visiting a berry patch, pick the ripest berries. If you have to tug at them, they are not ready. And berries don’t ripen after picking like some fruits, so eat them, bake with them, freeze them or make preserves quickly after picking.

But be warned if you go looking for wild blackberries – it’s true that chiggers will eat your ankles as eagerly as you eat the blackberries when picking. Ardent devotees endure this test – or at least know to wear long pants and sleeves, no matter how hot it is this summer.

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Summertime Blackberry Recipes

Take advantage of blackberry season in the kitchen this summer. Scroll through the slideshow for five of our favorite blackberry recipes.

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