Sweet corn on the cob

Cooking with corn on the cob? Follow these simple tips and tricks to know how many ears to use, how to select corn on the cob at the grocery store, how to easily cook corn on the cob in the microwave and helpful advice for cutting those kernels off the cob.

  • Two medium ears of corn yields about 1 to 1¼ cups corn kernels.
  • When choosing fresh corn from the grocery store, choose corn with bright green husks. Feel the kernels through the husks or tear back the husk to peek at the corn. (Careful, though, as tearing the husk shortens the shelf life of the corn.) Select ears with kernels in tightly packed rows and moist, pale yellow silk peeking out of the ear.
  • Microwave corn on the cob – it’s fast and easy. Place a single layer of cleaned ears in a glass, microwavable dish with a couple tablespoons of water or milk. (Some Midwest cooks say the milk brings out the corn’s natural sweetness even more.) Cover and cook on high 9 to 12 minutes for 4 ears, rearranging once during cooking time.
  • Cut corn kernels off fresh cobs safely! Cut the cob in half crosswise and stand it on its flat, cut end. Use a sharp chef’s knife and cut kernels off the ear, one side at a time.


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