As a college student, I look forward to Thanksgiving break. Its a time when I get to come home from school and relax before the stress of finals. For this reason, when I come home, I expect a few things. These expectations include having my laundry done, getting fussed over, pampered and of course a home-cooked meal. As a senior in college, some of those expectations have become disappointments. Instead of getting pampered, I have to pamper the horses. Instead of getting fussed over, I get fussed at for the new clothes I bought (I knew I shouldn’t have brought home my laundry!). However, the home cooked meal is still honored in my household. It has to be honored – it’s Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I was on the phone with my mom and we were going through the Thanksgiving dinner checklist. We listed: sweet potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, hashbrown casserole, and then asked ourselves, “What are we forgetting?” At the same time, we both exclaimed, “Oh yeah – the turkey!” How could we have not remembered the turkey?!

Feeling the shame of almost leaving out this Thanksgiving staple, I started conducting some turkey research. For example, did you know that almost 90 percent of Americans eat turkey for Thanksgiving? It doesn’t seem like they’re forgetting the main course!

All of this turkey research has been compiled into Let’s Talk Turkey, a digital magazine that also features an interview with one of America’s turkey farmers, a map showing where turkeys are raised, five ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey and even recipe ideas for all those turkey leftovers.

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Check out our turkey e-book here:

Let's Talk Turkey digital magazine

Happy Thanksgiving!


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