For many Americans, a tender, juicy steak is the ultimate indulgence. You may even be drooling as you read this post. But the price of beef has skyrocketed to almost $5 a pound. According to NPR’s The Salt, the recent drought of 2012 has diminished the availability of grass and hay. Farmers had to pay more for hay and corn to feed their cattle, which translates to the higher price of steaks at the meat counter for consumers.

But do not fret America, there is a way you can enjoy you beloved steak on a hamburger budget.

The first step is to trim the fat on dining out. If you have the hankering for a hearty steak, grab your apron instead of your keys. At a restaurant, you are paying for the operating costs, marked up food prices and your waiter’s tip.

If you absolutely must get your fix of a certain establishment’s signature dish, many websites offer recipes from well-known restaurants. You can recreate the meal for less, while still satisfying your craving.

Sure, you might be sacrificing the experience of dining out, but light a few candles and turn on some smooth jazz from the ’80s, and you won’t even know the difference.

Once you’ve resolved to wean yourself off of dining out, decide what cut of meat to prepare. Through the magic of meat science, there are many different cuts of beef available. The prices range from very affordable to “That’s okay, my child didn’t need new shoes anyway.”

Some of the most underrated cuts are delicious and tender, but don’t require you to miss a car payment. Ask your butcher to recommend an inexpensive cut, and how to prepare it. A simple marinade or rub will turn any cut of meat into a family favorite.

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When it comes to steak, your cravings and cash flow don’t have to clash. Now you can tip yourself with the money you saved on your delicious meal.


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