Food Facts Eggs

Nothing says spring better than bright yellow baby chicks and tie-dyed eggs. But do you know the reason behind their connection to the spring season? Egg-laying productivity is directly related to the hours of daylight. Traditionally, the longer days of spring encourage more eggs laid and more new chicks hatched.

Consider these other facts about chickens and eggs:

  • A female chicken raised for eggs is called a laying hen.
  • Only fertilized eggs will hatch.
  • About 6.1 billion dozen eggs (or 75 billion eggs) are produced each year in the United States.
  • Iowa ranks first in the nation for egg production.
  • Most eggs produced today will be at the grocery store within 72 hours.
  • Each year, a person will eat approximately 250 eggs.
  • Eggs contain one of the highest quality food proteins known.

Source: National Egg Board

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  1. Ahhhh, but one must ponder (aloud)”what came first the chicken, or the egg” (I’m soo deep)


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