Greens get a bad rap for being soggy and bland. But they are packed with nutrition, so we thought we’d offer a few of our favorite ways to eat your greens – from kale to spinach to turnip greens, or any spring mix you might have on hand – in new ways, such as dips, pastas and more.

A warm and bubbly cheesy dip, this party-pleasing recipe features bacon and turnip greens.

Cozy up with this savory seasonal soup that uses kale, a popular spring green.

This breakfast tart, filled with country ham, spring greens and Gruyere cheese, is perfect for a family brunch or special occasion.

Tasty Parmesan breadcrumbs enhance hearty, healthy greens.

A twist on traditional lasagna, this mediterranean version features chicken instead of ground beef, feta cheese, black olives and grape tomatoes.

Get your greens in this hearty dish, which can be eaten alone or on top of pasta.

Try this frittata recipe for brunch, featuring creamy goat cheese, sweet onions and fresh greens.

Stuffed with spinach, bacon and mushrooms, this quesadilla recipe is perfect as an appetizer or entree.

A light, but flavorful Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette is a perfect complement to the fresh asparagus in this salad.