Red Bell Peppers Nutrition

All bell peppers are very nutritious. These summer vegetables, members of the nightshade family, are filled with fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. But did you know that red bell peppers actually contain even more antioxidants than their green, yellow and orange cousins?

That’s right. Red bell peppers boost your immune system due to high vitamin A, C and antioxidant properties, including beta carotene, which helps maintain healthy skin and vision. In fact, these mighty red vegetables contain 1.5 times more vitamin C, 8 times more vitamin A and 11 times more beta carotene than green bell peppers. (Yellow bell peppers have more vitamin C than green ones, but less vitamin A and beta carotene.)

If the taste or texture of bell peppers isn’t your favorite, remember that paprika and pimentos are both made from red bell peppers – so feel a little justified as you enjoy a pimento cheese sandwich or deviled eggs. And many of our bell pepper recipes simply call for julienned bell peppers – meaning cut into the long and skinny size of matchsticks – that are mixed in with other ingredients.

Our Top 10 Bell Pepper Recipes

  1. Mediterranean Stuffed Bell Peppers
  2. Rice With Red Pepper, Spinach and Feta
  3. Sausage and Red Pepper Breakfast Casserole
  4. Grilled Chicken Thighs With Blueberry Salsa
  5. Fire-Grilled Vegetables
  6. Sauteed Shrimp Farfalle Pasta With Bell Peppers and Tomatoes
  7. Summer Slaw With Creamy Jalapeno Citrus Dressing
  8. Fire and Ice Tomatoes
  9. Zesty Corn and Black Bean Salsa With Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette
  10. Herb Pasta Primavera

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