Turkey-ed out yet? After the scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner each year, I find myself shying away from all the traditional foods.

I get tired of turkey, moody over mashed potatoes, and don’t even mention stuffing, as I probably ate a whole pound over the course of the meal. But there is one up-side to all these leftovers. Instead of having Thanksgiving dinner over and over again, you can make something new!

Last year we brought you a tasty roundup of recipes using Thanksgiving leftovers, and now it’s time for round 2 with a little help from our blogger friends. Check out some of these delicious recipes using the remains of the holiday meal:


Turkey Cranberry Panini with Goat Cheese Aioli Recipe

Turkey and Cranberry Panini with Goat Cheese Aioli by The Messy Baker

Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders Recipe

Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders by Will Cook for Smiles

Sweet Potato Biscuits Recipe

Sweet Potato Biscuits by Home Cooking Memories

Chicken Noodle Soup recipe

Turkey Noodle Soup

Turkey Hash recipe

Turkey Hash

Cranberry Sauce Brownies

Cranberry Sauce Brownies by Confections of a Foodie Bride

Cran Turkey Enchiladas

Cran-Turkey Enchiladas by Very Culinary blog 

What is your favorite dish to make with Thanksgiving leftovers?

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