Make sure to map out your garden to include these nine tasty items.

Snake River Grill

These tomatoes are perfect for slicing to put on top of your burgers, make BLT’s or other sandwiches. Often they will be red, but can also be yellow or green. They are easy to grow and tend to be disease-resistant.

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Eastern Fresh Growers & Sheppard Farms

Packed with flavor and sweet juice, these bite-sized tomatoes are a must in your vegetable garden. These tomatoes come in a variety of colors from shades of red and orange to yellow. Unless you’re supplying your neighbors, one plant can produce a wealth of tomatoes that will grow until a frost.

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An Herb container Garden with Thyme Basil and Oregano 

Basil is a simple herb to grow and a perfect pair with tomatoes. It adds flavor to any soup, sauce or salad. You can either grow this in your garden or in a pot on the porch or windowsill. There are several varieties of basil, ranging in flavor from citrus and lime to a bit spicy. Try several to find your favorite.

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4. cucumbers

Cucumbers are an easy plant to grow in the summer and make your salads super tasty. Just a few cucumber plants can provide for your family all summer. They grow vigorously in hot summer days, and tend to spread across your garden, so make sure to give them plenty of room or build a wire cage for the plants to climb. If you don’t have the room, try planting the bush variety of cucumber plants.

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Bacon Century Farm

The most popular sweet pepper to grow is the bell pepper. They are the easiest to grow in your home garden. Pale green and yellow peppers have more intense flavors, while sweet banana peppers are more mild.

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Shot for Prattville, AL 2006

My favorite variety of peppers! There are many varieties of hot peppers and the level of heat varies with each type. Take your pick from jalapeno, cayenne, habanero, anchos and many more. The longer you let the peppers ripen, the stronger the heat. Depending on the amount of peppers you want, one or two plants can produce plenty for one season. The more plants you have, the more you can freeze for the winter.

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This is a color-corrected shot from Danville, KY 08

Beans are perfect for a first-time gardener or a child’s experiment garden, as they are some of the easiest vegetables to grow. Tasty and bountiful, you can choose from a wide variety of plants to find your favorite. Snap beans are a great pick and you’ll have enough to freeze for the winter.

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8. snow pea

Fresh-from-the-garden peas are hard to pass up. Plant peas in the early spring for the best results. They prefer damp soil and lots of rain, so the cooler season is ideal. Snap peas are eaten whole, so you don’t have to spend any time shelling before you eat.

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9. spinach

Enjoy fresh spinach salads, straight from your garden. Plant spinach early in the year for your summer salads and again in late summer for your fall harvest. Spinach is easy to grow from the seed, so no need to buy plants.

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