Tomato plant and marigolds - companion gardening

Even if your thumb is green, here’s a tip you may not have heard: Companion planting can help fruits, vegetables and herbs grow more successfully. The practice, which involves growing compatible plants near one another, allows gardeners to keep insects at bay.

Here are a few companion planting basics:

  • Planting sweet basil, cilantro and parsley around tomatoes can not only protect the tomatoes from pests but also improve their flavor. Tomatoes also get along well with marigolds – and they look pretty, too.
  • Cilantro can also help protect potatoes from Colorado potato beetles.
  • Daylilies and dahlias deter rabbits from carrots, spinach and lettuce.
  • Onions are great companions for carrots and celery, but don’t plant onions near beans or peas – they’re incompatible.
  • Two fall favorites, pumpkins and corn, are very compatible. In fact, corn is a good companion for any type of squash, along with beans, cucumbers, Irish potatoes and peas.

A variety of combinations may prove to be helpful in the garden – just remember to use plants that are native to your area.

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