how to grow sweet potatoes


Plant yourself a sweet treat – a sweet potato, that is.

You’ll need to first grow “slips,” vines that sprout from the potato’s buds. Place the sweet potato in a container of water with one-third of it exposed by toothpicks stuck into its sides. Keep it in a sunny location, and in a few weeks a vine with several stems should begin to sprout.

Once you have several slips – as many as 50 can grow on one sweet potato – carefully remove the sprouts from the potato. In a shallow bowl filled with water, place the sprouts so half is underwater and half hangs over the bowl’s rim. Roots will begin to grow after a few days, and when the roots are about an inch long, they’re ready to plant.

Plant the sweet potato slips outside and have a homegrown favorite by this time next year.

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  1. You actually just plant the sweet potato vine, not the potato. We’ve clarified the steps above.

    Jessy Yancey
    Editor, Farm Flavor


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