Who says pizza can’t be healthy? By replacing traditional pizza dough with creative alternatives, you can seriously amp up the nutrition of your cheesy, delicious pizza without sacrificing flavor. So before you skip the pizza and opt for a salad instead, give some of these pizza crust alternatives a try. Scroll through the slideshow to discover six healthy crust ideas to test out in your kitchen.

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Cauliflower Crust

pizza crust alternatives

One of the most versatile veggies around, cauliflower can imitate the texture and look of rice, potatoes, and even pizza crust. The vegetable is quickly becoming one of the most popular crust alternatives among health-conscious pizza lovers. Due to its high nutrient, fiber and antioxidant content, using cauliflower crust as the base for your favorite recipe can actually make pizza a healthy meal. And besides the cauliflower, most recipes call for just a few simple ingredients like eggs, cheese and herbs.

How to make it: Check out Detoxinista‘s Secret to Perfect Cauliflower Pizza Crust here!

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